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Meet Our Advisors

  • Dr. Amit Rawal is Avnee’s father, co-founder of the Avnee Foundation, and an emergency medicine physician.

  • Mrs. Melissa Rawal is Avnee’s mother and co-founder of the Avnee Foundation.

  • Dr. Sundeep Rawal

  • Mr. Neil Patel

  • Mrs. Christina Patel

  • Dr. Robert Lawrence

  • Dr. Mary Grooms

  • Dr. Chris Harle

  • Dr. Tom Bentley

  • Dr. Jessica Lucas

  • Dr. Kathleen Ryan

  • Mr. Paul Lucas

  • Mrs. Lauren Gajda

  • Mr. Mark Gajda

  • Mr. Cody Loomis

  • Mrs. Kristen Loomis

  • Mr. Alex Patton

  • Ms. Kelsey Menard

  • Mr. Dhiren Rawal

  • Mrs. Nina Rawal

  • Ms. Maggie Kudlinski

  • Ms. Abby Patrick

  • Ms. Lily Girton

About the Foundation
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